The Benjamin and Sarah (Hutchison) Hull Family

of Lincoln and Cleveland Counties, North Carolina

Descendants to Madison County, Kentucky; Warren and Blount Counties, Tennessee

Perry County, Illinois; Bartholomew County, Indiana; Lavaca County, Texas

Marion, Madison and Newton Counties, Arkansas; and Dade County, Missouri


W. Clyde Hull
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Hull Family Association Member #670

With additions by L. Philip Leonard, Linda Williams Martino, Randy H. Willis,  Burl B. Hull,

 and Phyllis J. Hughes, HFA Genealogist

We thank Mr. W. Clyde Hull for his detailed article on this North Carolina branch of Hulls. Quite a number of Hull Family Association members and former members, in addition to W. Clyde Hull, descend from this southern Benjamin Hull line. They are #868 L. Philip Leonard, #869 Linda (Williams) Martino, #976 Debra Lynn (Hull) Reynolds, #1085 Burl B. Hull, #1138 E. Ray Hackworth,  #1156 Barbara Hackworth Horton, #1236 Carter Hull, #1247 Brenda K. (Russell) Shue, #1253 Patricia (Cook) Berry, and # 1260 Tammy (Hull) Morris.


MB = Marriage Bond

+ = compilers have further information on these entries


This article will outline and present the details of our research and current knowledge of the Benjamin and Sarah (Hutchison) Hull family of New Jersey and Lincoln County, North Carolina.

It is probable that Benjamin Hull Sr. and his family had migrated to Lincoln County, North Carolina, by June of 1792, moving possibly from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Virginia. Benjamin, born August 27, 1740, was already over fifty years old, when he acquired his first piece of land in Lincoln County in 1792. Family tradition states that “He came to North Carolina with only a sack of grain on his back.” That may have been his only possession, but we presume that his family was with him or followed soon thereafter.

According to family records, Benjamin’s wife was Sarah Hutchison, who was born in 1749, and at age forty-three, was a bit younger than her spouse when they came to North Carolina. Also accompanying them were their children. The oldest was a son named Abner who was about nineteen at the time. Mary, a daughter, was about eighteen years of age. Two other sons, Benjamin and Richard, were both about seventeen years of age. A younger son, William, about seven, and Sarah, about eight years of age, also accompanied the family. Their last child, Major Hull, was  born June 11, 1790 at the time of this migration..

There are several unproven stories surrounding this Benjamin Hull. One was that he was a bodyguard to General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. During the 1920s two individuals wrote to their Congressmen requesting information on Benjamin and his position as bodyguard to General Washington. A confirmation was not forthcoming, but the fact that two different people had this notion lends some credibility to the fact. An article in the Confederate Veteran, Volume 37, 1929, also purports this idea. In other words, it was a very strong family tradition. 2

To this date there has been no positive information to verify this. Another family story is that Benjamin Hull was a bodyguard to Washington, but deserted and fled to North Carolina. There is no proof of this story either, but some older Hulls in North Carolina related that account.

The first verified official record of Benjamin Hull in North Carolina occurred on June 20, 1792, when he was granted 200 acres of land on the fork of Indian Creek on the head of Long Bridge, westerly of the widow Ramsour. Benjamin also obtained other property around Abner Hull, when his first-born was granted land in this location in 1793 and 1794. All of the sons, with the exception of Richard, secured land near their father when they came of age

Another incident regarding Benjamin Hull occurred on January 22, 1798. In the Civil Action papers of Lincoln County, North Carolina, there was a complaint by Henry Ramer against Benjamin Hull Sr., Benjamin Hull Jr., and Abner Hull. It appeared that the Hulls and two other gentlemen, “with force and arms came into the woods near Ramer’s house and did there steal, carry away and kill a certain Barrow hog on the property of Ramer.” Fortunately, they were found not guilty.

By reviewing census records of the state, it appeared that Benjamin and his sons were farmers. Perhaps they were hunters also and mistook Mr. Ramer’s hog for one in the wild.

In 1805 Bangmon [sic] Hull, appeared in Captain Davis’ Company and was listed as owning 1000 acres of land.3 Two Stockstill men—Ezekiel and Warnel and Charles Parker—appeared on this same list [see sons Abner and Richard Hull, below].

In January of 1814, Sally Tucker, five years, six months old, illegitimate daughter of Polly Tucker, was order by the court to be bound to Benjamin Hull, until of lawful age, “to learn the art and mystery of a spinster.” 4

Benjamin Hull Sr. died October 11, 1832 and was buried in Hull’s Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in western Lincoln County. His wife, Sarah, who preceded him in death, had died 20 August 1829, age about 80 years, and was buried in the same cemetery. Before Benjamin Hull died, he gave to his beloved daughter Sally his goods and chattels “for taking care of me in my declining years.” Sally, who apparently never married, was also buried in Hull’s Grove Baptist Church cemetery. The Hull graves are believed to be among the oldest in this cemetery.

The Second Generation

Children of Benjamin Hull Sr.1 and Sarah (Hutchison) Hull

1.  Abner Hull2 (Benjamin1)

Abner Hull was born in September of 1772, possibly in Pennsylvania, according to the 1850 Lincoln County, North Carolina census. On September 2, 1795, Abner, age twenty-three, married Elizabeth Parker in Lincoln County, North Carolina. She was born about 1780, and was fifteen years old at the time of the marriage. Elizabeth’s birthplace is not known.

On September 14, 1849, Abner Hull, age 77, testified in writing that he was acquainted with a Capt. Moses Moore in Middlesex, New Jersey some fifty-two years before. This places Abner Hull in Middlesex County, New Jersey circa 1797, which is several years after Benjamin Hull purchased land and removed to North Carolina, so there is a date discrepancy here.

Abner died April 4, 1852 and is buried the Abner Hull Cemetery in western Lincoln County, North Carolina. His wife, Elizabeth, who died December 15, 1840, is buried in the same cemetery.

Children of Abner and Elizabeth (Parker) Hull:

+i.  Daniel Hull3, born 1800; married (1) Barbara Helms, 20 July 1824, and (2) Sarah Farmer, 17 September 1858, both in Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

ii.    Nancy Hull3, born 1803; married John Masager, 15 August 1821, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

iii.   Sarah “Sally” Hull3 born 1800 to 1805; married John Wacaster Jr., 1 August 1824, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

iv.   Rebecca Hull3, born 1808; died after 1880; married David Whetstine, 26 October 1826, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

v.   Elizabeth Hull3, born 1811; married Abraham Wacaster, 29 October 1833, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

+vi     Levi Hull3, born 1813; married Sarah “Sally” Reinhardt, daughter of Jacob and Eleanor “Nellie” Reinhardt Jr., 01 November 1834, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

+vii. William Hull3, born 1814; died after 1880; married Barbary James, 31 March 1832, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

viii.     Polly Hull3, born 1816; married Curtis (Charles) Cody, 11 November 1834, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

2.  Mary  Hull (Benjamin1)

The elder Benjamin Hull had two daughters. The first was Mary, who was born about 1773 and died after 1870. She married Henry Mull, son of John Mull and Catherine (Whitener) Mull, on February 9, 1807 in Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

Children of Mary Hull and Henry Mul

i.                     Sarah Mull3 married Peter Mosteler

ii.                   John M. Mull3, born 1812, died 1849 married cousin Margaret Mull

iii.                  John Harrison Mull3, married Anna Mosteller

iv.                 William Mull3, married Margaret Peeler

v.                   Female3, born 1815-1820

vi.                 Female3, born 1815-1820

vii.                Alfred Mull3

viii.              Ezra Mull3

ix.                 David Franklin Mull3

3.  Benjamin Hull Jr.2 (Benjamin1

Benjamin Jr., born ca. 1775, married (1) Amy Williams on May 8, 1812, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB]. Amy was the daughter of Joel and Peggy Williams.

On September 23, 1823, Benjamin Jr. married (2) Selina (Stacia?)    ?   . No children have been found of this marriage. Benjamin Jr. died sometime after the 1850 census was taken.

Children of Benjamin Jr. and Amy (Williams) Hull:

+i.  Mary Hull3, born ca. 1815; married __?__ McFalls.

ii. Benjamin Hull III3, born 03 March 1821; married Anna/Anne Houser. Benjamin Hull’s will: 19 September 1863; proved October 1864. Seven possible children.

iii. Possibly Elizabeth3. born ca. 1821: died after 1880; married 02 January 1849, Lincoln County, North Carolina, Peter C. Hoyle[MB]

iv. Possibly Joel3. born ca. 1821. Lincoln County, North Carolina, married 28 March 1843, Rowan County, North Carolina. Nancy Agner. At least three children.


4.  Richard Hull2 (Benjamin1)

Richard Hull, also born ca. 1775, probably in New Jersey, according to his descendants and information found in the 1880 census for his sons. He was an adventurous son—the only one to migrate to lands further west. His first wife was Catherine Jeams, whom he married November 2, 1805 [MB] in Lincoln County, North Carolina. His second wife was Nancy Ann Stockstill (various spellings), whom he married April 1, 1807 in Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky.5 Nancy Stockstill was born ca. 1787, in Maryland, perhaps in Baltimore. The Stockstills had migrated to Kentucky ca. 1806.

The History of Perry County, Illinois, Volume 1, 1988 states that Richard and Nancy Ann met in Madisoon County, Kentucky when Richard stopped to supply himself with salt. Nancy Ann’s uncle signed the marriage bond for her. Considering that this is a very recent history, and perhaps not based on verified evidence, it survives as a family story, but may be incorrect. 

It has been proven that the Stockstill family and the Hull family lived near each other in North Carolina. Elisha and Zebedee Stockstill were listed in an 1805 Lincoln County, North Carolina court suit involving Benjamin Hull Jr. vs. David Biles, and Ezekiel and Warnel Stockstill appeard on the 1805 list of Captain Davis, as mentioned above. It’s possible that the Hull and Stockstill parents might have known each other, but the children supposedly had never met.

Richard and Nancy Hull lived in Warren County, Tennessee for some time before traveling over 300 miles to live in Perry County, Illinois. Other Stockstill families lived near them in Tennessee at the time. Sarah (Hull) Hammack, the eldest daughter of Richard and Nancy Ann (Stockstill) Hull, and her husband, Benjamin Hammack, had already moved to Perry County, Illinois in about 1829—perhaps her Hull parents wished to join them there.

Richard served as a private in Capt. W. Chism’s company of the Tennessee Militia during the War of 1812. He enlisted September 28, 1814 and was discharged April 1, 1815. Richard was awarded 160 acres of bounty land for his service.

Richard Hull died December 30, 1838. Nancy lived until 1879, and received a pension for her husband’s service in the War of 1812.

Children of Richard and Nancy (Stockstill) Hull:

i.    Sarah “Sally,” Hull3 born ca. 1808, Kentucky; died 1890; married Benjamin Hammack.

ii.    Rebecca Hull3, born 07 May 1809, Tennessee; died 04 September 1877, Perry County, Illinois; married Samuel Tasker Etherton.

+iii.    Zebedee Hull3, born 10 July 1810, Tennessee; died ca. 1854, Dade County, Missouri; married 02 February 1837, Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois, Fannie Pyle. At least four children. Served in the Black Hawk War, 1831–32.

iv.   Lucinda Hull3, born 09 March 1812, Tennessee; died 2 November 1881; married Abner Rice.

v.   Elizabeth Hull3 born 31 August 1813, Tennessee; married 28 May 1833, Perry County, Illinois, William Keeling.

vi.   Delpha Hull3, born 23 January 1816, Tennessee; married 06 February 1834, Perry County, Illinois, Samuel H. Eaton.

vii.  Benjamin Hull3, born 23 Mary 1817; died 17 August 1847, Pinckneyville, Perry County, Illinois; married Rachel James.

viii.   Polly Hull3, born 06 March 1819; married (1) 13 November 1842, Perry County, Illinois, John L. Gore, married (2) 19 December 1850, Perry County, Illinois, Cornelius “Neely” Peery.

ix.   Major Allen Hull3,6 born 28 or 20 February 1820; died 25 March 1891, Bartholomew County, Indiana; married 22 September 1842, Margaret Rodgers.

x.   Thomas S. Hull3, born 03 April 1821; spouse unknown.

xi.   Nancy Minerva Ann Hull3, born 08 June 1822, Warren County, Tennessee; died 14 February 1911; married Henry Foster Hampleman.

xii.  Richard A. Hull3, born 30 June 1825; died 24 December 1850.

xiii. Rachael Hull3, born 31 July 1827, ?Missouri; married, 25 December 1845, Perry County, Illinois, Thomas G. W. Murphy.

5.  Sarah Hull (Benjamin1)

Benjamin’s second daughter was Sarah or “Sally.” She was born about 1784 and died in 1869. She is buried in the Hull’s Grove Baptist Church Cemetery, Lincoln County, North Carolina. Sarah apparently never married.

6.  William Hull2 (Benjamin1)

William Hull was the sixth child of Benjamin and Sarah Hull. He was born about 1785. In the 1880 Lincoln County, North Carolina census one of his sons, Benjamin, claims that his father was born in Virginia. In the 1850 Lincoln County, North Carolina census, William claims to have been born in North Carolina, which would have been before Benjamin Hull Sr. purchased land in Lincoln County, so this location is probably incorrect.

William married Catherine Cline on November 8, 1814, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB]. He died before 1870 in Cleveland County, North Carolina, and is possibly buried in the Mt. Vernon Baptist Church Cemetery there.

Children of William and Catherine (Cline) Hull:

+i.    David M. Hull3, born ca. 1815, North Carolina; married Nancy Hoyle.

+ii.   Benjamin Hull3, born 4 April 1818, North Carolina; died 22 April 1903; married Mary White.

iii.    an unknown female3, born 1810 to 1820.

+iv.    Major Hull3, born 5 May 1820, North Carolina; died 1895 Fallsville, Newton County, Arkansas; married Sarah Fanny Pruitt.

v.   John Hull3, born 4 May 1825, North Carolina; died 19 July 1885, Moulton, Lavaca County, Texas; married Elizabeth Cline.

Photo of Elizabeth Cline Hull
Elizabeth Cline Hull
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vi.   William H. Hull3, born ca. 1830, North Carolina; married Sarah Ramsey.

+vii.   Jacob Hull3, born 1 January 1831, North Carolina; died 12 February 1915, Moulton, Lavaca County, Texas; married Ruth Jane Thornton.

7.  Major Hull (Benjamin1)

The youngest of Benjamin’s children was Major Hull. He was born June 11, 1790 as stated above. In the 1850 census of Lincoln County, North Carolina, he does not give a place of birth.

Major Hull’s wife was Margaret “Peggy” Gross, whom he married 9 February 1824, in Lincoln County. Margaret, the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Gross, was born about 1800 in Pennsylvania  and died 28 April 1870 in Lincoln City, North Carolina.

Major Hull left an undated will in Lincoln County and died on 14 January 1856, age 66 years, 3 days. He is buried in Hull’s Grove Baptist Church Cemetery in Lincoln County.

Children of Major and Margaret (Gross) Hull:7

i.    Eliza Hull3, born 19 July 1823, North Carolina; died 25 June 1911, North Carolina; married Frank Goode, 07 December 1859, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

ii.    George Washington Hull3, born 15 June 1828, North Carolina; died 01 September 1902, Blount County, Tennessee. He married (1) Amanda _?_. He married 15 September 1872, Cades Cove, Blount County, Tennessee, to Mrs. Lucrecia Eveline (Whitehead) Potter. [George Washington Hull later took the name of Alexander Wilson.]

iii.   William H. Hull3, born ca. 1828. May have married, 17 June 1858, Cleveland County, North Carolina, Harrill M. Jinks.

iv.   Sarah Hull3, born ca. 1830; married John (perhaps Barnes).

v.   Elijah B. Hull3, born ca, 1832; died 17 September 1853.

vi.   Mary Ann Hull3, born ca. 1834; married O.B.  Jenks 14 January 1858, Lincoln County, North Carolina. [MB}

+vii.   Major Frank Hull3, born 27 October 1834; died 19 January 1929; married 18 February 1858, Cleveland County, North Carolina, Mary Ann Grigg, daughter of Col. P. T. Grigg. He served as a private for the Confederacy in the Civil War. Had eleven children.

+viii.  Margaret “Peggy” Levina “Vinnie,” Hull3 born 11 October 1836; died 5 May 1926; married John C. King, 14 May 1866, Lincoln County, North Carolina [MB].

x.                   Rebecca E. Adaline Hull3, born ca, 1839; married __?__ Rudisill.



2: Editors Note: It is quite common for many families-not just Hull families-to state that they had an ancestor who served as an aide to Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

3: This amount of land has not been verified by research in the official land records.

4: This Benjamin Hull may possibly be Benjamin Jr., son of Benjamin Hull Sr.

5: While the marriage of Richard Hull and Nancy Stockstill is found in Madison County, Kentucky, the War of 1812  pension record states that they were married in Howard [Hart?] Coun, Kentucky. [Editor’s Note: there is no Howard County, Kentucky]

6: Readers may take note that the unusual given name of “Major” is repeated throughout this Hull branch; other military titles, such as Commodore/Comadore [sic} and Commander were also given to the males in this particular line.

7: Apparently Major Hull also was the father of a child of Barbara Williams, as determined by the Lincoln Co., NC Bastardly Bonds and Records; David William [sic] agreed to support the child. 



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